Misconceptions About Hypnosis

Loss of consciousness.

One of the major myths about hypnosis is that you will lose consciousness. Hypnosis is an altered level of consciousness, but you do not become unconscious. You will be aware of everything that the professional is saying.

Weakening your will.

Your will is not weakened or changed in any way. You are in control, and, if you wish for any reason to terminate the hypnotic state, you may do so simply by opening your eyes. You cannot be made to do anything against your will. Stage hypnotists like the audience to think that they have complete control over their subjects; professionals will make it clear that the patient has the basic control.

Spontaneous talking.

Patients do not spontaneously begin talking or revealing information they wish to keep secret. You can talk while under hypnosis and you and your professional may wish to use some talking procedure in order to assist you with your issues.


Hypnosis is not sleep; you will not fall asleep. The hypnotic EEG (brain wave) pattern is entirely different from the sleep EEG (brain wave) pattern.