Telebehavioral Health Videoconferencing Therapy

A New Era

Client visits have entered a new era of technology called tele-behavioral health for sessions between providers and clients. FAMILY COUNSELING AND HYPNOSIS CENTERS OF OHIO has added this service for clients who are not able to get into the office for sessions. When you can't get away from work or school, are restricted by coronavirus concerns, by distance, transportation, or across the globe travel, you can now have a face-to-face, real-time video conferencing session during which you see us and we see you. It Is remarkably easy!
FCHCO has entered into a Business Associate Agreement to partner with, which is a HIPPA compliant platform, Secure Video, for tele-behavioral health sessions. It employs encryption of both videoconferences and messages so they cannot be understood, even if the system was hacked. We can even share documents and pictures.

How It Works

If you think you might be interested in scheduling an online appointment with me, now or in the future, call my office. If you're ready, we can plan your appointment.

When we receive your request to participate, I will send you an email invitation to go to and open an account. There is no charge for opening an account. Once you have received an invitation to open an account with PSYbooks and have gone to their website, you'll be asked to create a unique password. Please be sure to remember the password. That is all it takes to create your PSYbooks account.

If you did not previously schedule your online appointment, you may call the office when you are ready to do so. We will schedule your video consult, discuss specifics in preparation for the session, answer any questions you may have, and accept your credit or check card for payment. Prepayment by check or money order can be made.


The fee of a video consult is the same as an in-office visit. I offer a sliding fee scale from $95-$70 per hour based on income and family size for clients with gross family incomes of 25K or less. Although fees qualify for payment with before tax money if you have a Health Savings Account established with your employer, I accept no insurance for payment. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Shortly before your scheduled appointment, log on to  You will enter an "appointment room" and wait until I invite you into your virtual session. In the unlikely event you have to wait a few minutes because the previous client requires some additional time, be assured the same courtesy will be extended to you should the need arise.  


It is important to understand there are a few behavioral health issues which may not be resolved through video consultation. When you call for an appointment, I will let you know if an in-office or home visit is necessary.